Course Notes for 553.793-794: Turbulence Theory I-II
Fall 2018 - Spring 2019

Some Introductory Remarks: Introduction.pdf

A Survey of Critical Experiments: ChapterO.pdf

The Continuum Navier-Stokes Equation: ChapterIa.pdf ChapterIb.pdf

Effective Large-Scale Equations & Energy Cascade: ChapterIIa.pdf ChapterIIb.pdf ChapterIIc.pdf

Intermittency & Anomalous Scaling: ChapterIIIa.pdf ChapterIIIb.pdf ChapterIIIc.pdf ChapterIIId.pdf

Turbulent Vortex Dynamics : ChapterIVa.pdf ChapterIVb.pdf ChapterIVc.pdf ChapterIVd.pdf ChapterIVe.pdf

Lagrangian Dynamics & Mixing: ChapterVa.pdf ChapterVb.pdf ChapterVc.pdf ChapterVd.pdf ChapterVe.pdf

Wall-Bounded Turbulence: ChapterVIa.pdf ChapterVIb.pdf ChapterVIc.pdf ChapterVId.pdf ChapterVIe.pdf ChapterVIf.pdf ChapterVIg.pdf

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