Mathematical Notation: A Guide for Engineers and Scientists

notation-coverMathematics is a language with a unique vocabulary, written with a dizzying array of often incomprehensible symbols. If we are unsure of the meaning or usage of a mathematical word, a quick internet search is invaluable. But what are we to do when confronted with some strange mathematical hieroglyph? What does one type into the search bar? This book is the answer!

Our goal is to cover mathematical notation commonly used by engineers and scientists—notation a university student is likely to encounter. We make no attempt to teach the mathematics behind these symbols. Rather, our goal is to give reminders of what these symbols mean; from there, we can consult textbooks or resources on the web.

The book is organized by mathematical topic, but multiple indices steer the reader to each symbol’s explanation. We also show how to produce the symbols in LaTeX and give guidance on their mathematical usage.

This book is available in paperback (only $10!) in from Amazon and in e-book format from Google Play (only $7!).

NEWS! Forthcoming in Italian.