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The Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics of the Whiting School of Engineering on the Homewood Campus of The Johns Hopkins University hosts a weekly colloquium on Thursdays at 1:30 PM in Shaffer Hall Room 101. (Followed by refreshments at 2:30 PM in Whitehead Commons Room 301.)

Thursday Seminars are held in 101 Shaffer Hall unless otherwise noted. Here are directions to the Homewood Campus and to Whitehead Hall. You can subscribe to email announcements of our seminars.


Seminars Schedule for Spring 2014

Thursday, January 30 2014
Warren Powell (Princeton University)
1:30pm -
Energy and Uncertainty: From the laboratory to policy, unifying the fields of stochastic optimization
3:15pm - Gilman 400 -
Clearing the Jungle of Stochastic Optimization

Thursday, February 6 2014
John Benedetto (University of Maryland)
Fourier operators in applied harmonic analysis

Thursday, February 13 2014
Seminar cancelled for weather

Thursday, February 20 2014
Roger Peng (Johns Hopkins University/School of Public Health, Biostatistics)
Estimating the health benefits of reducing particulate matter air pollution

Thursday, February 27 2014
Peter Bickel (University of California, Berkeley)
Surprising phenomena in inference for iid p dimensional data for 0<p/n<1 and for p/n->oo

Thursday, March 6 2014
Sofia Olhede (University College London)
Network histograms and universality of blockmodel approximation

Thursday, March 13 2014
Pablo Parrilo (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Convex sets, conic matrix factorizations and rank lower bounds

Thursday, March 20 2014

Thursday, March 27 2014
Alberto Del Pia (IBM Watson Research Center)
Integer Polynomial Programming in the Plane

Thursday, April 3 2014
Laurent Saloff-Coste (Cornell University)
Groups and Random Walks

April 4 2014 - 10:00am - WH 304
Random Walk Invariants of Groups

Thursday, April 10 2014

Carey Priebe (Johns Hopkins University)
Testing the cortical column conjecture


Thursday, April 17 2014
Andreas Waechter (Northwestern University)
Exploiting Inexact Subproblem Solutions in Nonlinear Optimization Algorithms

Thursday, April 24 2014
Rafael Mendoza-Arriaga (University of Texas)
Random Time Changes in Quantitative Finance


Tuesday, April 29 2014
Mengjie Chen (Yale University)
Two high dimensional statistical methods for data integration challenges in biology - Whitehead 304

Thursday, May 1 2014 - POSTPONED
Jim Fill (Johns Hopkins University)

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Thursday, May 8 2014
Tamás Budavári (Johns Hopkins University, Physics and Astronomy)
Inference from Large-Scale Astronomy Data - Whitehead 304