550.661   Foundations of Optimization  (Fall 2009)


Instructor: Shih-Ping Han

Email: sphan@jhu.edu

Office: Whitehead 201A

Phone: 410-516-8515

Office Hour : Friday 11-12


TA: Ming Ye

Email: mye2@jhu.edu

Office: Whitehead 306B

Office Hours: Monday 2:30-3:30, Wednesday 2:30-3:30



1. Introduction to Linear Optimization, by D. Bertsimas & J.N. Tsitsiklis
2. Linear Programming with MALAB, by M.C. Ferries, O.L. Mangasarian & S. J. Wright


First Midterm: Oct. 7, 2009

Second Midterm: Nov. 11, 2009


Ming is out of town in the week of Oct 12.
The office hours on Monday, Oct 12 and Wednesday, Oct 14 will be cancelled.
Also, the conference section on Tuesday, Oct 13 will be cancelled.

Homework Assignments:

HW1  (Due date: Tuesday, 09/15/2009)    HW1  solution

HW2  (Due date: Tuesday, 09/22/2009)    HW2  solution

HW3  (Due date: Tuesday, 09/29/2009)    HW3  solution

HW4  (Due date: Tuesday, 10/06/2009)    HW4  solution

HW5  (Due date: Wednesday, 10/14/2009)  HW5  solution

HW6  (Due date: Tuesday, 10/20/2009)    HW6  solution

HW7  (Due date: Tuesday, 10/27/2009)    HW7  solution

HW8  (Due date: Tuesday, 11/03/2009)    HW8  solution

HW9  (Due date: Tuesday, 11/10/2009)    HW9  solution

HW10 (Due date: Tuesday, 11/17/2009)    HW10  solution

HW11 (Due date: Tuesday, 11/24/2009)    HW11  solution

HW12 (Due date: Tuesday, 12/01/2009)    HW12  solution

Final Exam (take home, due 10 am - 12 noon , Dec 10, 2009 at Room 201 Whitehead Hall)