Agostino Capponi, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Whiting school of Engineering

Johns Hopkins University

Office: Whitehead 212B

Email: acappon1 at jhu dot edu



California Institute of Technology. Ph.D. in Computer Science and Applied and Computational Mathematics, June 2009.

Research Interests

Financial Mathematics:

  • Credit Risk Modeling and Valuation
  • Systemic Risk
  • Stochastic Dynamic Equilibrium
  • Continuous-time Portfolio Optimization
  • Principal Agent Theory


Spring 2014: Stochastic Processes and Applications to Finance.

Fall 2013. Credit and Systemic Risk.


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Book Chapters and Practitioner Papers

Pricing and Mitigation of Counterparty Credit Exposures.  Handbook of Systemic Risk, edited by J.-P. Fouque and J. Langsam. Cambridge University Press, 2013.

Liquidity Modeling for Credit Default Swaps: an overview (with D. Brigo and M.Pedrescu) Credit Risk Frontiers. The suprime crisis, Pricing and Hedging, CVA, MBS, Ratings and Liquidity, edited by T. Bielecki, D. Brigo and F. Patras. Bloomberg Press, Wiley, 2012. (Preprint)

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