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Undergraduate Program Overview

The teaching and research programs of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics span modern applied mathematics. The department's curriculum in Probability and Statistics covers probability theory, stochastic processes, and applied and theoretical statistics. Its Operations Research and Optimization curriculum includes continuous and discrete optimization, numerical optimization, network programming, computer modeling, and game theory. The curriculum in Discrete Mathematics includes combinatorics, graph theory, and cryptology and coding; and the curriculum in Computational and Applied Mathematics includes computing, numerical analysis, matrix analysis, and mathematical modeling. The programs of the department emphasize mathematical reasoning, mathematical modeling and computations, abstraction from the particular, innovative application of mathematics, and development of new methodology.

The Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics offers either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree. An undergraduate student must meet the general requirements of the School of Arts and Sciences for a B.A. or the School of Engineering for a B.S., as well as departmental requirements.

The department also offers a minor in Applied Mathematics and Statistics for any students majoring in any department of the School of Engineering or the School of Arts and Sciences.

In addition, the department offers a combined bachelors?masters program under which undergraduates may be admitted early to concurrent graduate work.