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Open Faculty Position at the Center for Imaging Science

The Center for Imaging Science at JHU has an open tenured/tenure track faculty position targeting researchers working on high-dimensional data interpretation, including applied mathematicians and/or statisticians. More information and the full announcement can be found at http://cis.jhu.edu/job-openings/.

AMS teams up to explain magnetic field misbehaviors in solar flares

Faculty member, Greg Eyink, led a team of interdisciplinary researchers to propose that turbulence causes magnetic field misbehaviors in solar flares. To read more detail about this phenomenon, please click here.


Fellowship Recipients

On Monday, May 6th, at the departmental pizza party, it was announced that Kamel Lahouel, Stephen Chestnut, Jordan Yoder, and Daniel Sussman received the Centennial Fellowship for the next academic year. They are pictured below.


Also, Jordan Yoder, Allen Cheng, Vince Lyzinski, and Daniel Sussman received the Counselman Fellowship for the next academic year. They are pictured below. Congratulations!


Sudoku Event was a success!

On Tuesday, March 5th the Whiting School of Engineering, in conjunction with the Hopkins Undergraduate Society for Applied Math (HUSAM), hosted James Madison University professor Dr. Jason Rosenhouse for his presentation entitled, Taking Sudoku Seriously. The event took place in Hodson 110 and was preceded by a reception. This event delved into the underlying mathematical structure of Sudoku puzzles and outline strategies useful in solving them. It was accessible to all students regardless of math level and local high school students were invited. Click here for more pictures from the event.

Amitabh Basu joins AMS faculty

Amitabh's research interests lie in optimization, with current emphasis on discrete and combinatorial optimization. His thesis and current research work has led to more than a dozen published papers in journals such as Mathematical Programming, Mathematics of Operations Research, SIAM Journal in Discrete Mathematics, and INFORMS Journal on Computing. He was also one of the three finalists for the Triennial Tucker Prize (2012) awarded for the best dissertation in optimization by the Mathematical Optimization Society. Read more...

Agostino Capponi coming to AMS

Agostino Capponi will join the Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics of JHU in August 2013. He is currently an assistant professor of Operations Research in the School of Industrial Engineering at Purdue University. His main research interests are in financial mathematics with strong focus on counterparty risk, systemic risk stochastic dynamic equilibrium and continuous time portfolio optimization. Read more...

Ed Scheinerman invited to be an AMS Fellow

Ed Scheinerman has just been invited to join the inaugural class of Fellows of the American Mathematical Society. An honor that recognizes his distinguished contributions to mathematics. For more details about the AMS Fellows program, please click here.

John Wierman wins the Paul Minton Service Award for the Southern Regional Council on Statistics (SRCOS)

The Paul Minton Service Award was established by the SRCOS to recognize outstanding service to the statistics profession. John Wierman not only received this prestigious award for 2012, but also served as Treasurer for the Council. For more information regarding SRCOS, click here.

Matthew Sedlock wins George M. L. Sommerman Engineering Graduate Teaching Assistant Award

Matthew Sedlock was selected by a subcommittee of Tau Beta Pi for his outstanding performance as a teaching assistant. Matthew received his award at the Whiting School of Engineering Convocation Awards Ceremony on May 7, 2012.

Ann Gibbins wins Whiting School Staff Service Award

The Whiting School annually recognizes staff for outstanding service in support of educational and research activities of the Whiting School, its departments, and the University. This year Ann Gibbins, Senior Administrative Manager for AMS, was a recipient of one of these awards.

Dean Nicholas Jones presented Ann with the award.

Alan F. Karr inducted into The Johns Hopkins Society of Scholars

On Tuesday, April 17, 2012, former AMS Chair and Professor, Alan F. Karr, was inducted into The Johns Hopkins Society of Scholars. The society - the first of its kind in the nation - inducts former postdoctoral fellows, postdoctoral degree recipients, house staff and junior or visiting faculty who have served at least one year at Johns Hopkins and thereafter gained marked distinction elsewhere in their field. Click here for more information.

Ed Scheinerman publishes Mathematical Notation

Mathematics is a language with a unique vocabulary, written with a dizzying array of often incomprehensible symbols. If we are unsure of the meaning or usage of a mathematical word, a quick internet search is invaluable. But what are we to do when confronted with some strange mathematical hieroglyph? What does one type into the search bar? This book is the answer! Learn more about it here.

Helyette Geman appointed as Research Professor

Professor Helyette Geman has been appointed as a Research Professor in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics. Dr. Geman is an internationally renowned expert in mathematical finance. She has been a scientific advisor to major financial institutions, insurance companies and energy, commodity and mining companies for the last 21 years, covering the spectrum of interest rates, catastrophic risk, credit, then crude oil, natural gas and electricity, metals and agriculturals. Further information about Dr. Geman can be found at this URL: http://www.helyettegeman.com/

Carey Priebe receives McDonald Award for Excellence in Mentoring and Advising

This award "recognizes and honors diverse professionals in engineering and the applied sciences who, as exemplary mentors and advisors, have significantly and consistently supported the personal and professional development of others. In a university setting, these efforts will have included students and colleagues. In industry, government, or service organizations, they may have included a variety of developing personnel." Additional information can be found that this URL: http://www.mentoringexcellence.net/

Laurent Younes' book Shapes and Diffeomorphims now available.

This book provides the background necessary for the mathematical modeling and analysis of shapes, and for study of their diffeomorphic transformations. This is a major revision and extension of the previous book Invariance, Deformations and Reconnaissance de Formes (in French) which was published in 2004. The new book is available here.

John Wierman presented with AMS Faculty Teaching Award by HUSAM

The Hopkins Undergraduate Society for Applied Mathematics presents an award annually to an AMS faculty member recognizing the quality of their teaching. John Wierman was this years' winner.
Read the citation ...
Listing of previous winners ...

Kristin Bechtel wins Whiting School Staff Service Award

The Whiting School annually recognizes staff for outstanding service in support of educational and research activities of the Whiting School, its departments, and the University. This year Kristin Bechtel, the Academic Program Coordinator for AMS, was a recipient of one of these awards.

Carey Priebe wins American Statistical Association's SDNS Achievement Award

Carey Priebe has been selected as the recipient of the American Statistical Association's Section on Defense and National Security's Distinguished.Achievement Award for 2010.
Read more about the SDNS at the ASA web site .....
Read award citation...

Donniell Fishkind wins Excellence in Teaching Award

Donniell Fishkind is the 2010 recipient of the The Johns Hopkins Alumni Association's Excellence in Teaching Award. He was selected by a subcommittee of Tau Beta Pi, drawing upon nominations from faculty and students in making their selection.

Lucy Robinson selected Presenter at New Researchers Meeting

Lucy Robinson has been selected to present at the 2010 meeting of New Researchers in Statistics and Probability in Vancouver, Canada. She will be giving a talk on change point detection in time series of attributed graphs, joint work with AMS professors Carey Priebe and Nam Lee. Read more about the New Researchers Meeting ...

Donald Geman elected as SIAM Fellow

Donald Geman, who has been a Professor in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics since 2001, was elected a Fellow of The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics' for 2010 for "contributions to stochastic processes, image analysis, and statistical learning." See complete listing of SIAM Fellows Class of 2010 ...


Alan J. Goldman
March 2, 1932 - February 13, 2010

Alan was a Professor in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics (formerly Mathematical Sciences) from 1979 through 1999, when he became Emeritus Professor. In this later role, he continued to teach and to mentor graduate students through the fall semester of 2009. Alan's passion for the subject of operations research and dedication to the use of mathematics to improve the human condition was an inspiration for all who knew him. His contributions to operations research led to his election to the National Academy of Engineering in 1989. He was a man of great personal integrity and warmth, and his memory will be cherished by his colleagues, his students, and his many friends.

Read a biography of Alan Goldman from Goldmanfest, a celebration in honor of Alan held by the department to mark his transition to Emeritus Professor ...

Read an article in Hopkins Gazette about Alan Goldman ...

A memorial service will be held Sunday, March 14, 2010 in 211 Hodson Hall from 11AM - 3PM.

Alan J. Goldman
Applied Math and Statistics receives Department of Education GAANN Funding

The Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics has received funding to support graduate education in mathematics through the U.S. Department of Education’s Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) program. The award will support four GAANN fellows for three years as they pursue their PhDs degrees at Johns Hopkins. Dan Naiman and Donniell Fishkind are the grant's Principal Investigators. Information for prospective students ...

Fred Torcaso wins William H. Huggins Excellence in Teaching Award

This award given to a WSE faculty member for outstanding teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels and a demonstrated dedication to students. The awardee is selected by a subcommittee of Tau Beta Pi, drawing upon nominations from students and faculty . The award consists of a plaque, a cash award, and allocation to to support of research-related activities.

Team from Applied Mathematics and Statistics wins ICMLA competition

The International Conference on Machine Learning and its Applications named the team consisting of Johns Hopkins researchers Professor Donald Geman, Bahman Afsari, Dr. Aik Choon Tan, and Professor Daniel Naiman, winners of its 2008 ICMLA microarray classification algorithm competition. See certificate ...

Bruno Jedynak promoted to Associate Research Professor

Dr. Jedynak has been on the faculty previously as a visiting professor to the Center for Imaging Science and the Applied Mathematics and Statistics Department from the Scientific University of Lille. He is an expert in statistics and in particular its application to image analysis, pattern recognition, and statistical classification. More about Professor Jedynak ..

AM&S's Carey Priebe Selected By Department of Defense for New Fellowship

An article in the Baltimore Sun highlights Carey Priebe as one of six to form the inaugural class of the Department of Defense's new National Security Science and Engineering Fellowship Program. Read the Sun Article >> Read Washington Post Article>>

Work of Bruno Jedynak and collaborators featured in ScienceDaily

Bruno Jedynak, Assistant Research Professor in the AM&S department and Center for Imaging Science collaborated with Andre Levchenko from the Whiting School's Department of Biomedical Engineering in designing an imaging system for the analysis of a colony of cells forming a biofilm.The work is described in ScienceDaily. Read more from the original PLoS Biology article ...

David Audley named Associate Director of Financial Mathematics Master's Program

David Audley, who received his PhD in 1972 from the Johns Hopkins Electrical Engineering department, has been working on Wall Street for the past 20 years. He has experience in portfolio management, analytic trading, risk management, financial technologies, and has performed research in the quantitative modeling of securities and markets - specializing in term structure models and relative value analysis. He is part owner of two companies -- Watch Hill Investment Partners, a hedge fund and Beacon Capital Markets, whose main product for electronic bond trading is enabled by peer-to-peer computer technology. Before joining the department as a full-time faculty member, David taught Financial Mathematics courses in the Applied Mathematics and Statistics department while helping to guide the creation of the new Financial Mathematics Master's program.

Carey Priebe named an elected ISI member

Carey Priebe has been named an elected member of the International Statistical Institute, by virtue of his distinguished contributions to the development or application of statistical methods.

Lowell Abrams to spend sabbatical year in AM&S

Lowell Abrams, who earned his PhD from the Johns Hopkins Mathematics Department in 1997 and has just been promoted to Associate Professor with tenure in the George Washington University Department of Mathematics, is spending a sabbatical year visiting the Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics at JHU. His current research interests focus on the interaction of topology and combinatorics, and involve digital, combinatorial, and computational topology, as well as topological graph theory. Dr. Abrams will be spending much of his time at JHU working with his collaborators Donniell Fishkind and Carey Priebe on projects relating to minefield path planning and to brain imaging. Read more ...

Ed Scheinerman's C++ for Mathematicians book is published

C++ books are typically written for those interested in software development or scientific computing. Written by a mathematician for mathematicians, C++ for Mathematicians is organized around mathematical concepts and introduces the needed C++ concepts in concert with analyzing the mathematical situation at hand. Read more ...

Dan Naiman and Lingxin Hao's Quantile Regression book

In traditional regression modeling, one attempts to describe the effect of explanatory variables on the central tendency of a response variable. Quantile regression models describe effects of explanatory variables on quantiles, e.g. the 90th percentile, of a response variable. Dan Naiman collaborated with JHU Sociology Professor to publish a book entitled "Quantile Regression" as part of the Sage Publication Series: Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences. The work was supported by the Duncan Fund for the Advancement of Statistics Research. Read more ...

Don Geman and Dan Naiman's TSP method used to differentiate gastrointestinal stromal tumors and leiomyosarcomas

In 2004, Don Geman, Dan Naiman and co-workers introduced a powerful new way of diagnosing cancers and classifying tumor samples using gene expression data. The decision rules involve very few genes and are especially easy to interpret because they are based entirely on pairwise mRNA comparisons. In a recent paper in the Proceeedings of the National Academy of Sciences, molecular biologists used the TSP classifier to differentiate between gastrointestimal stromal tumors and leiomyosarcomas with essentially perfect accuracy. Read more ...

Nikhil Mohan, Stephen Fedder & Cindy Lui at NCUR 2007

AMS&S Students represent JHU at National Conference on Undergraduate Research

Cindy Lui ’08, Jon Smalletz ’08, Stephen Fedder ’08 and Nikhil Ram Mohan ’09, undergraduates in the department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, traveled coast-to-coast to San Rafael, California to represent JHU at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) in April. The conference, held this year at the Dominican University of California, hosted more than 2500 undergraduates from over 250 universities and colleges across the country.


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